For the ultimate in luxury and warmth, wrap yourself in one of our exclusive shawls, wraps or scarves.

Welcome to Semantika

Semantika is a soubriquet of perpetual weaves, motifs and fabrics that embody the luminosity of Indian ethos. The realm of our work traverses eras and is pertinent to the functionality of this digital age as well.

The archetypal hand-embroidered poetry on verdant Pashminas – Semantika’s Luxe collection is worthy of an heirloom. Expertise of our master craftsmen working on this collection is what legends are made up of…intrinsic workmanship on jewel-toned colors, dreaming primordial motifs, invoking this elapsed art truly merits penchant that of a connoisseur.

Embellishments adorning our stoles are akin to ornamentation of the beautiful. Thoughtful use of delicate stones, infusion of cheery danglers and kaleidoscopic mirrors, our signature Semantika products are an ode to revelry, panache and originality.

Our Maxim

Our maxim or anthem is to attain excellence in every Semantika product and be the label that beckons innate opulence!